About This Project


Unbound appeared as an installation for the AHA Festival of Progressive Arts in Santa Fe, New Mexico on September 17, 2017. It is an evolving body of work that will continue to morph and mutate in various constellations and configurations.


Unbound is a nonlinear narrative told through mirrors, small works on paper, and altered book pages that have been removed from their spines. It is a story of fallow and fruition, destruction and preservation, burial and transcendence, secrecy and visibility – a story that brings internal experiences outward, into a contained external space.


Unbound explores disavowed, murky, starved aspects of experience, referencing the body as a site of trauma, transformation, and healing. The work examines the societal separation of female body from nature, as well as the psychological schism that occurs as a result of the Cartesian mind-body split.